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Why a Directory of Environmental Organizations?

The Rideau Roundtable created the Directory of Environmental Organization in 2005 to help community organizations and government agencies gain a better understanding of “who is doing what” in terms of environmental and stewardship programs throughout the Rideau and Cataraqui watersheds and area.

What's in the Directory?

There are 75 organizations listed in the Directory: 45 entries were gathered through a survey circulated by the Rideau Roundtable in 2004; 25 entries were drawn from a Stakeholder Analysis produced by St. Lawrence Islands National Park in 2002; the remaining 5 entries were drawn from a Shoreline Stewardship Directory produced by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority in 2004.

Errors and Omissions

Every attempt has been made to ensure the information contained in the Directory is accurate. Please respond to [email protected] if you wish to make changes or corrections. Although the Directory lists 75 organizations, there are many others that are not listed and are doing great work to keep our watersheds healthy.

Financial Support

The Rideau Roundtable wishes to thank the Ontario Trillium Foundation for providing funding to produce this Directory.

In-Kind Support

The Rideau Roundtable also wishes to thank St. Lawrence Islands National Park and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority for sharing information listed in their directories.

View or download the:
Directory of Environmental Organizations
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